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Howto Use HandBrakeCLI to totate a video

To rotate 90° (clockwise)
HandBrakeCLI -i source -o target.m4v --preset="Universal" --rotate="4"

To rotate 270°(anticlockwise)

Linux Mint 17 Mate edition is good for old computers

1. Download and install

2. After installing, one can replace the default menu with tradtional Gnome 2 menu bar (A Custom menu bar).

How to input Chinese Punctuation in fcitx Ubuntu 14.04 (fcitx的中文标点)

You can modify the configure file at:

sudo gedit /usr/share/fcitx/data/punc.mb.zh_CN

Note on Lubuntu 14.04

If you have installed Lubuntu, then DO NOT install Chromium-browser and libreoffice from Ubuntu software repositories, but download the original packages from their websites.

Shortcut key for "Inserting footnote" in libreoffice

In MS Word, there is a default shortcut key to insert footnote "Ctrl+Alt+F"

In Libreoffice 4, there is no default key for that, we need to create one.

Howto Log in server SSH without password (e.g. unison)

1. Creating A Private/Public Key Pair
ssh-keygen -t dsa
Note: Do not enter anything for passphrase, just hit the Enter key to use empty

2. copy the public key to the Server PC

Things to do after installing Ubuntu 14.04

1. Change Unity to traditional menu

2. Install language Support,
Top-Right menu, choose "System Settings"

How to disable error-reporting system in Ubuntu 14.04

1) At the Terminal, run the command

sudo gedit /etc/default/apport

2) Change “enabled=1″ to “enabled=0″

3) Save and Exit

Replace Unity with Gnome-session-flashback in Ubuntu 14.04LTS

Warning: Following my instruction will destroy your Unity desktop.
Personally, I don't like Unity and Ubuntu Software Center.

1. Install gnome-session-flashback

Chromium Bookmarks with unicode characters cannot be displayed in Ubuntu 14.04

1. Go to /etc/fonts/conf.d
sudo nautilus /etc/fonts/conf.d

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