Install Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English in Ubuntu

Update: Aug 31, 2015

Use GoldenDict to run Longman Dictionary.

One can download En-En_Longman_DOCE5 and Longman DOCE5 Extras(En-En) (both dictionary and audio files) at:

More dictionaries:

How to play sounds in GoldenDict

The best way to play all kinds of audio files:

Install VLC and then in goldendict menu:
From Edit > Preferences > Audio > Use external program. And then add this line to the field : /usr/bin/cvlc

If VLC is not working, you can use mplayer2,
1). Install mpayer2: sudo apt-get install mplayer2
2). use this command: mplayer

====OLD POST July 20, 2009=====
Longman Dictionary Contemporary of English 5th DVD Edition works perfect in Ubuntu 9.04.
1. install libgtk1.2
sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2

2. Copy the DVD to your harddisk, go to the linux directory.
cd /copy of DVD/linux
sudo sh

3. In Ubuntu 8.10, it will automatically install the Desktop Link. If you cannot find the link, you can create a Launcher by using "/usr/local/ldoce5/ldoce5"

If you switch to another user, it may fail to start. Than you need to copy "/home/yourname/.macromedia" to another user's folder.

Install Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Updated Edition (2 CDs 4.5v2)

1. Install libgtk1.2
$ apt-cache search libgtk1.2
$ sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2

2. copy the first cd to one folder.
3. copy the second cd to merger the folder data
4. run install
cd /CD Folder/linux/
5. install menu
6. Install Mplayer plugin for Firefox,

sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer

Then you also might want to get rid of the Totem plugin
sudo apt-get remove totem-mozilla

Note: This dictionary can run at your home directory without touching root.

About this dictionary:

Issue installing on Ubuntu

I get this error:
256: exec: -title: not found
After running sh
Any idea what might be happening?

I need to install it in Centos 6.6

would you please help me with expansion of the differences these methods don't work in centos

I want to install it on ubuntu 11.10

after installing it , the program tell me that you must put the cd

How to upgrade the flash player for LDOCE5 in Ubuntu 9.04?

After install LDOCE5, in the LDOCE5 folder there is a folder named "plugins".
I had tried to replace the old version of "" in the plugin folder.
But after that the New version,, of Adobe Flash Player ( didn't work with LDOCE5 well.

Do you know how to upgrade the flash player for LDOCE5 in Ubuntu 9.04 in the best way?

Thanks a lot.

Upgrading adobe flash player

Upgrading adobe flash player is possible, but that would need some if not lots of hacks to modify flash related configuration files. On the other hand, popup-mode dictionary doesn't work on a native Linux installation( No QuickFind counterpart in Linux ). It might be better to switch to WINE for the sort of thing you like.


for your useful information, thanks


very helpful, thanks

it fails in ubuntu 8.10 64 bit

if follow the steps then:
verifying archive integrity... all good
this installation doesn't support glibc-2.0 on linux / x86_64
please contact loki technical support at
the program returned an error code (1)
press return to close this window...
^csignal caught, cleaning up
press return to close this window...

i experienced to run install with command: linux32 sh
the installation is ok but if run ldoce it tells me that they are lacking some libs
i have download the 386 version of the libs request and added in ldoce/application but if run ldoce it tells me: segmentation fault

i experienced also added the font awlascii.ttf to server font but idem result

it seems actual than not functions with os ubuntu 8.10 64 bit

do you not have the source of the installation?
i could create the .deb package for 64 bit and to put it available for all

erred not to be able to use a fine work like this dictionary

bye and thanks

night train

when i run sh

when i run sh, i got an error

$ sh 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

i have ubuntu 8.10, what can i do to have it work?

The files could have been loaded as binary files

I experimented this, but couldn't determine the cause. Some image readers load the sh files as binaries. Try using another image reader.

It also works in ubuntu 8.10

Please try to install again. Make sure you have installed "libgtk1.2".

I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem and I'm pretty sure that "libgtk1.2" have been installed on my com, i'm using Ubuntu 9.04. What should I do? Thank you.

Same problem here

Hi, i installed libgtk1.2 but still got this error when running the (i already extract everything into my computer) 1: j���j���4#!: not found 1: j���j���4#: not found
/home/bubuzzz/.setup19926: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
/home/bubuzzz/.setup19926: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected 274: exi: not found

Do you have any suggestion? thank you.

Longman 5th DVD works great

Longman 5th DVD works great in Ubuntu 9.04. Try to get the 5th DVD verstion.


i installed ldece but it didnt work. i couldnt run i found the file but it didnt work. i installed full recomended things but it didnt. please help me. i like very much it.

You must install libgtk1.2,

You must install libgtk1.2, before you can install IDECE

Does the sound work for

Does the sound work for anyone?

Ldoce on Ubuntu Jaunty

This is needed for running Ldoce with Ubuntu Jaunty (Jaunty is alpha as of today..)

aptitude install libgtk1.2 libxp6 alsa-oss
modprobe snd_pcm_oss


[keywords for the google-robot: longman dictionary ldoce Linux Ubuntu Jaunty]

Very helpful! Thanks for

Very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

I dont have any sound

Dear All.
When i called sh installlation , it again installed the program from the CD. Not from the files which i had copied to the hard Disk. Why?

second problem is that i dont have sound. what should i do please


To play sound while running

To play sound while running this dictionary, you have to load kernel module snd-pcm-oss.ko by "sudo modprobe snd-pcm-oss"

FATAL: Module snd_pcm_oss not

FATAL: Module snd_pcm_oss not found.

Sound problem solved

i had the same pb, and i could solve it : just open longman using "aoss":
in my case the dict is in root folder so after enter as root :enter to the ldoce5 folder
cd ldoce5 , then:
sudo aoss ./ldoce5

I use ubuntu 11.10 but after

I use ubuntu 11.10 but after insalling the dictionary when I run it message appear telling me that this feasure is not included you must put the cd , what is the problem