How to input Romanized Pali and Sanskrit (letters with diacritic marks) in LibreOffice4.2+ in Linux

1. Download the attached zip file
2. unzip (become a folder named user)
3. move and overwrite the folder /home/USER_NAME*/.config/libreoffice/4/
4. Ubuntu 14.04 Unity Alt key problem (see end of this file)

Shortcut keys used:
Alt Key + a = ā (Alt + z or Alt + 2)
Alt Key + A = Ā
Alt Key + i = ī (Alt + 9 or Alt + y)
Alt Key + I = Ī
Alt Key + u = ū
Alt Key + U = Ū
Alt Key + r = ṛ
Alt Key + R = Ṛ
Alt Key + l = ḷ
Alt Key + L = Ḷ
Alt Key + m = ṃ
Alt Key + M = Ṃ
Alt Key + k = ṁ
Alt Key + K = Ṁ
Alt Key + h = ḥ (Alt + g)
Alt Key + H = Ḥ
Alt Key + b = ṅ
Alt Key + B = Ṅ
Alt Key + j = ñ
Alt Key + J = Ñ
Alt Key + t = ṭ (Alt + 6)
Alt Key + T = Ṭ
Alt Key + d = ḍ
Alt Key + D = Ḍ
Alt Key + n = ṇ
Alt Key + N = Ṇ
Alt Key + q = ś
Alt Key + Q = Ś
Alt Key + s = ṣ
Alt Key + S = Ṣ

For ṝ Ṝ ḹ Ḹ, you need to manually input by using "Insert Special Characters"

Ubuntu 14.04 Unity Alt Key Problem

For Ubuntu 14.04 Unity User, you may have problems to use Alt key with "ā" "ṭ" "ī" "ḥ" four letters, you can use the following keys, or install "gnome-session-flashback", or simply change to other system such as Xubuntu and Mint:

ā = Alt + z or Alt + 2
ṭ = Alt + 6
ī = Alt + 9 or Alt + y
ḥ = Alt + g

LibreOffice_4_user.zip9.62 KB

Problem with LibreOffice under Windows ...

Hi, I am trying to be able to type unicode in LibreOffice, and have followed the steps above for Windows, and have downloaded and copied the files into the user LibreOffice folder, but the shortcuts o not work.

When I go into run macro, i see the Sanskrit Macro is installed, and if I run it i get one letter (with diacritic), but I can't type using the the alt key,

is there something I am missing ?

thx in advance

Problem Solved :-)

OK, I was having a problem using the old file, but this one works great !!!

Thanks alot !!!


I used the file which is outdated for libreoffice 5 and it worked. Previously I tried the IBUS method, but it messed up my whole system and crashed Synapes which I depend on.

I can deal with this method and confirm it works with Ubuntu Mate 16.04 with the standard Libreoffice 5 that is preinstalled.




Can you please help?
I have downloaded the attached zip file and unziped it.
What next?
What do I have to do, so that I can use it in LibreOffice?
I probably don't understand what you mean with:
3. move and overwrite the folder /home/USER_NAME*/.config/libreoffice/4/

Could you please explain this to me a little further?

This is all very new to me...

Thank you!

Pali in Libre Office also for Windows?

Is there some package to use for LO in Windows too? That would make me happy...

In Windows XP/Vista/7/8

In Windows XP/Vista/7/8

1. Download Libreoffice portable version at:

2. Find the Libreoffice user folder,

For the Portable Version: it is located at /LibreofficePortable/Data/settings/user

For the full version, it should be located at C://Documents and Settings/user*/Application Data/Libreoffice/4/user (I am not sure. I have never used the full version in Windows)

3. Download the attached zip file and unzip to overwrite your user folder.

Location of LibreOffice user folder in Windows 8

Just installed the unzipped file into a LibreOffice installation running on Windows 8. The user folder was found at LocalDisk (C:)/Users/[username]/Appdata/Roaming/LibreOffice/4/user
It is now working fine, many thanks indeed!