How to use the left Winkey to input Romanized Sanskrit and Pali in Linux

Modified from this page

Test in US keyborad setting.

1. Simply add the following to .Xmodmap in your home (~/) directory to activate them:

keycode 133 = Mode_switch
clear mod3
add mod3 = Mode_switch

keycode 38 = a A 0x01000101 0x01000100
keycode 31 = i I 0x0100012B 0x0100012A
keycode 39 = s S 0x01001E63 0x01001E62
keycode 30 = u U 0x0100016B 0x0100016A
keycode 40 = d D 0x01001E0D 0x01001E0C
keycode 42 = g G 0x01001E45 0x01001E44
keycode 43 = h H 0x01001E25 0x01001E24
keycode 44 = j J 0x010000F1 0x010000D1
keycode 45 = k K 0x01001E41 0x01001E40
keycode 46 = l L 0x01001E37 0x01001E36
keycode 58 = m M 0x01001E43 0x01001E42

keycode 25 = w W 0x0100015B 0x0100015A
keycode 57 = n N 0x01001E47 0x01001E46
keycode 27 = r R 0x01001E5B 0x01001E5A
keycode 28 = t T 0x01001E6D 0x01001E6C

keycode 13 = 4 dollar 0x01001E5D 0x01001E5C

Use the command xmodmap .Xmodmap to avoid restarting your desktop manager. If you don't already have an .XModmap file, open gedit (or another text editor) and create a new one by saving it with that title in your home directory.

The keyboard mapping is not all intuitive. See the following key; for capitals, just use shift plus the following combinations. "LWin" means the left windows key (Super_L 133):

ā LWin + a
ī LWin + i
ū LWin + u
ṛ LWin + r
ṝ LWin + 4
ḷ LWin + l
ṃ LWin + m
ṁ LWin + k
ḥ LWin + h
ṅ LWin + g
ñ LWin + j
ṭ LWin + t
ḍ LWin + d
ṇ LWin + n
ś LWin + w

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