How to input/type Romanized Pali and Sanskrit in Openoffice/LibreOffice

For LibreOffice 4:

For LibreOffice 3: How to input Romanized Pali and Sanskrit (letters with diacritic marks) in LibreOffice3.5 in Ubuntu

For Openoffice 3.2+:

See also, How to use iBus to input Romanized Pali and Sanskrit in Ubuntu

Use Alt key to input Pali

Alt key + a=ā
Alt key + A=Ā
Alt key + w=ś
Alt key + W=Ś
Alt key + s=ṣ
Alt key + S=Ṣ
Alt key + m=ṃ
Alt key + k=ṁ
Alt key + j=ñ
Alt key + J=Ñ
Alt key + b=ṅ
Alt key + n=ṇ
Alt key + i=ī
Alt key + u=ū
Alt key + t=ṭ
Alt key + r=ṛ
Alt key + h=ḥ
Alt key + d=ḍ
Alt key + l=ḷ

This was very helpful

This was very helpful information from your side and i like to tell you that please keep posting such an interesting posts like that. I am really waiting for your future posts.


isn't it a much better idea to set up a scim-based input method?

using m17n I have a created a "Romanised Indic" input method that allows me to type all the diacritics I need for Pāli and Sanskrit either using dead keys or using the itrans transliteration schema. Very convenient, and it works everywhere that scim does (i.e. - pretty much everywhere).

Just a suggestion!

It is a good idea to use scim

It is a good idea to use scim input. Can you provide a link where we can download the Romanised Indic?

SCIM and romanized pali

I just found

getting 'scim-m17n' with apt-get/synaptic/....,

sudo gedit /usr/share/m17n/sa-translit.mim
sudo gedit /usr/share/m17n/mdb.dir
and restarting 'scim'

as explained there works fine on my old Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake)

Liege, Belgium

Thank you Liege for the

Thank you Liege for the information.

Problems with Pali import into OO

I followed your directions I think but it did not work. I unzipped the folder that I downloaded and then followed the instructions. But when I hit the import command and selected the folder, it displays the nested subfolders and keeps asking to open each of these without my ever encountering a file that I can add to OO. Any suggestions?

You did not install Java.

You did not install Java. Just ignore these questions.

open office

AltkeyHandler_Pali work fine with open office 2. Thanks a lot

thank you so much for this

thank you so much for this help! truly a boon to students of sanskrit and pali. one question i have is how to select a long vocalic 'r' (i.e., with a dot below it and a macron above it)? thanks again!

Insert -> Special Characters

The letter is not often used. You can use Insert/Special Characters in Openoffice.