Pull-down/Drop down Menu theme for Drupal 5 and Drupal 6

Updated June 16, 2007.

Many people request the theme I am using in this site. I cannot apply CVS account at Drupal site. You can download it here (below attached zip file).


This theme uses pull-down menu. It does not require nicemenu module. It based on suckfish css. Following these tips:

  1. Unzip and upload it under theme folder (/themes or /sites/all/themes).
  2. In /admin/build/menu/settings, set "Menu containing primary links" as "Primary links"
  3. In /admin/build/themes, set garland_drupmenu as Default.
  4. You may change the banner.jpg (W:690 L:120),
  5. You can use color module (drupal core module) to change the color.
  6. Modify the style.css if you wish to change.
  7. If you find problems in IE6, change fix-ie.css

    #nav li {
    width: 130px;

    you may try to change width from 130px to 100px or 80px.

(The first release was ok, the second release I changed header block to primary links. And it has problem with firefox and opera. This is the third release; it fixed browser problem.) 
Just like Garland Theme, it works with IE5.5, IE6, IE7, Opera9, Firefox.

For Drupal 6: http://thanhsiang.org/faqing/node/88

garland_dropmenu (3).zip119.06 KB

how to change Sidebars width?

I'm using the "garland_dropmenu" for Drupal 5 and I would like to modify the width of the sidebars (to a minimum value - because I use only the menu - no sidebars are necessary) but I can't figure it out: I have tried to modify in the style.css but it doesn't work. No change!

What exactly do I have to change in the style.css?
Could you help, please?


I have another drupal template what to apply with, can I still using this drop down menu modules? If yes, how can I do so (I tried it before, it not success.)

This is theme not module. You

This is theme not module. You can use nice menu module to make a drop down menu for other themes: http://drupal.org/project/nice_menus

Nice Menus FAQ: http://drupal.org/node/195157

does it support

does the above zip file of the theme support the drupal new version 6.2

shall we just include the file in the drupal files

can u clarify that


The above zip file only works

The above zip file only works for drupal 5. For druapl 6, you can get it at

garland theme

how could you add the garland dropmenu theme to the list of themes and where from have u done that

max. number of items in menu before they roll over each other?

When the number of items in a submenu exceeds a certain number (I forget how much exactly), they start to display on top of each other. Is there a way to set the maximum number of sub-items possible?

Nice menu

I'll use it for sure if i manage to install drupal.

menus appear below image, why?


I just installed your theme, great work

I have begun to poke around with it a bit and I noticed that my menus were not appearing as in your example screenshot. basically mine are below the banner image, below the first darker blue line and are smack dab in the middle of the light blue line

any idea why?

Additionally the logo is not appearing...
any idea why this is happening


I need to set the primary

I need to set the primary menu first. And it is better to disable the second menu. Also I think nicemenu module is working now. You may consider to use nicemenu module if you have problems.

Drop-down doesn't work on some computers... javascript?

Some users are saying that the menu doesn't drop down on their PC computer. Could this be a Javascript problem? Is there a solution?

Sub-menus: drop-down closes too quickly

Some users who aren't as adept at using their mouse have complained that the drop down menu disappears when trying to move over to a sub-drop down item. They miss and when the mouse moves over a non-menu part of the screen, the first and second-level drop-down menus disappear.

Is there a way to delay the closing of the (first level) drop down menu so as to give users more time to move their mouse to the sub-drop-down menu?

banner.jpg moves to right

When I put any content in the right sidebar, the banner.jpg moves to the right.

How can I make the banner.jpg stay in the middle? (Lined up with left side of div #banner 5)

I don't see anything in style.css about it.

thank you

Logo is too high and is cut off

The logo (above left sidebar) is stuck to the top and is half cut off in IE6. But it is perfect in Firefox 2. (This happens whether I use the default Drupal logo or my own logo.)

When should I be looking to try to find a solution?

I think you need set side

I think you need to set side menu or side block to right side. Then the banner.jpg will stay in middle. It was designed for using left menu, top menu.

Hi I have 8 sub menu items


I have 8 sub menu items and the items appear fine in firefox but in IE 6 the items go behind the top portion and text of the content area

can you figure out what might be wrong


Changing placement of items in header

In what file can I change the placement of the items in the masthead?

I'd like to replace the two images (logo and header) for just one image of a maximum width.

Garland Simple mod


Do you think this mod of the Garland theme

can be done for your Garland pull down menus mod??

Any help will be appreciated.


Garlandmod2 is a

Garlandmod2 is a modification of Garland theme. If you want to use drop down menu, you need to re-arrange the primary links.

garland_dropmenu theme

I seem to be having conceptual difficulties with getting this to work. do i set the primary link items to individual menus ? or how are the drop down menus created ? thanks

Put individual menus into

Put individual menus into primary link, and the drop down menus will be created automatically.

Spam module delete non-spam comments

I noticed that there are some comments on this post. My spam module deleted all comments owing to the wrong setting of spam filter. Now it is fixed.


I wonder if you can create menu functionality like http://moneycontrol.com/, (specifically the green menus...news,markets,IPO....) for the garland theme. I like your take on the garland theme.

It called Split menu

It looks like Joomla website. Some people call it split menu. Actually, most drupal theme support split menu. You can try default garland theme, set primary link and secondary link as the same menu (set both as primary links).

IE6 display

I have setup your drop down menus on loalhost and it displays correctly in firefox. In IE6 the menus items are not spaced correctly nd spill over to the next line. Any idea why? Thanks

If you find problems in IE6,

If you find problems in IE6, change fix-ie.css

      #nav li {
      width: 130px;

you may try to change width from 130px to 100px or 80px.

IE6 Problem with pull down menus

Hi Thanks for the fix, it worked just great.

1. The Alumni Association link: Alumni and Association now appears one above the other when it should be in one line, how can I fix this?

2. When I click the Alumni Association(or any link in drop down menus) link all the drop down menus jump to the right in IE6, is this normal or do I need to fix it.

3.Everything works perfectly in Firefox but it seems most of our users are with IE

4. I need to have Site name position left and site slogan below the site name (smaller font). I do not want them to go across the picture and in the same line. How can I achieve this?

Thanks very much for this wonderful adaption of the Garland theme.

with ie6 I got this error

with ie6 I got this error msg:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: drupal_add_css() in /home/mhd-01/www.equinebreeder.it/htdocs/sites/all/modules/dropdown_menu/dropdown_menu.module on line 5

It works ok with opera and firefox

Regarding IE6, it has a lot

Regarding IE6, it has a lot of bugs. If you want to it works perfectly with IE6, then use other table based themes.

Q: I need to have Site name position left and site slogan below the site name (smaller font). I do not want them to go across the picture and in the same line. How can I achieve this?

A: You can use photoshop to create a logo with your site names.

Site name/slogan

Actually I was looking to achieve this via the Garland CSS file. In the present theme the site name and slogan appear in one line. I want the site name to appear above the site slogan at the side of the logo with different font size and weight a. Can this be done via the css file and how?

Any help will be highly appreciated

I think you need to change

I think you need to change page.tpl.php also. The Garland theme does not have space (height) for slogan. It will be a little complicated to change. I prefer to use one graphic image to replace logo, site name and slogan.