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How to Play Different Audio Files in GoldenDict (Ubuntu and Mint)

If your GoldenDict does not play your dictionary audio files, you can try these two options:

1. Install VLC, and use this command (From Edit > Preferences > Audio > Use external program):

Howto Use HandBrakeCLI to Rotate a video

To rotate 90° (clockwise)
HandBrakeCLI -i source -o target.m4v --preset="Universal" --rotate="4"

To rotate 270°(anticlockwise)

Howto Log in server SSH without password (e.g. unison)

1. Creating A Private/Public Key Pair
ssh-keygen -t dsa
Note: Do not enter anything for passphrase, just hit the Enter key to use empty

2. copy the public key to the Server PC

Scan Tailor - the best scanner software for Linux in 2013

Scan Tailor is an interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages. It performs operations such as page splitting, deskewing, adding/removing borders, and others.

Office Suites 2012 in Linux

1. LibreOffice 3.5 X
This is the best Office Suite running in Linux.

2. Yozo Office 2012
Similar to MS Office 2010, you can change the menu as Office 2010 style or 2003.

File-synchronization programs

File-synchronization programs sync files among your computer, USB disk, remote ssh server, ftp server.

Which Linux system should I use in 2012

1. New PCs with Ram 2G: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

2. Netbooks with Ram 1G, CPU around 1.6Ghz: Lubuntu 12.04 LTS

3. 10 year old PCs with Ram 256 MB, CPU Pentium 2 or 3 or 4: Swiftlinux

Offline Blog programs for Linux

1. ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog.

Must-have-programs in Linux

1. Unison: a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows

Create Your Own Operation System: How to Remaster Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Dreamlinux/PCLinuxOS

Updated Oct. 15, 2008
I always make my own OS. The tools I am using to create Live-cd/Install CD are:

Remastersys for Ubuntu 8.04

1. download the Remastersys.

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