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"Linux Live-CD for Buddhist Studies" is officially released!

What is "Linux Live-CD for Buddhist Studies"?

  • It is based on slax 6.
  • It supports Chinese display and input

Install Slax 6 to hard disk with Grub

I just installed slax 6 in my hard disk based on a post from

I have one disk with 5 GB space (I use vmware)

I made two partitions:

Chinese Slax 6 中文

Update: June 11, 2008:

Slax Chinese

 Slax is one of the best Linux system. It is small, fast. Also it is easy to modify. The unique module, add-on, is easy to install and uninstall.

Unfortunately, it does not support Chinese input, because Slax does not have “setting locale function”.  It requires glibc-i18n file to support different language.

I made a module at for inputting Chinese. Here is the module:

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