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How to use an imagefield image title to display as image caption in Drupal 6 and 7

For Drupal 6

1. install Image Caption module

2. change image_caption.js line 3 "img.caption" to "img.imagefield"

Drupal 7 mass uploud and mediafront modules

Mass upload modules are many, but most of them are unstable.

A better and stable module is filefield_sources_plupload, which depends on other two modules: filefield sources and plupload.

Drupal 7 install problems and solutions

1. Can not view image files

Solution: edit this .htaccess file at
as following:
# Options None
# Options +FollowSymLinks

How to print profile fields in Drupal 7

The Best method: using drupal_render field_view_field

Note: "profile_main" and "field_birthdate" are used as example, you can change them accordingly.

Display/hide block by Taxonomy terms with a certain URL path in Drupal 6

Display block by Taxonomy terms with a certain URL path

How to show/hide block for certain type of contents in Drupal 6

Show Block for Specific Content Type (my case is thai)

= node_load(arg(1));
$type = $node->type;

How to hide a node title created from the Panel node in Drupal 6

I use panel node to control frontpage, but I don't want to display the title.

Some problems when install drupal 6 in a subdomain

After install drupal 6 as subdomain at my webserver, I got a message "Internal Server 500 Error"

What I did is to edit .htaccess. Just comment on the following line

Update Drupal core in command line via ssh

I used ssh to update drupal 6.14 to drupal 6.15 this morning. Here is what I did.

1. Remote login to the web server

ssh root@mysite.com

Install Drupal in Ubuntu Server (9.04)

1. Install Ubuntu Server


2. Install Drupal

3. Configuration of clean URLs

sudo a2enmod rewrite

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