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List of Websites and Distro I Developed

I help Buddhist institutions to develop their websites. Also, I make and modify Linux for individuals and institutions.

The following are some lists.

A Simple website developed on Druapl 7 core only (no custom modules installed)

This website is based on Druapl 7 core modules (but disabled dashboard, overlay and others) and the default theme.

The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong

Installed Drupal 7 in a shared host with 32 MB memory. In order to run Drupal 7, I have disabled many modules such as dashboard, auto update, views.

Ubuntu 10.04 for Buddhist Studies DVD

Developed based on Drupal 6.16

IABU Website

IBC eLearning Webiste

Phortay High School Website

Phortay High school website:

Than Hsiang Website

Than Hsiang Websites: Chinese and English

ATBU Website is a website for the Association of Theravāda Buddhist Universities developed in the march, 2007.

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