Chinese Input

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Scim setting for Chinese

The best Chinese Input

For me, the best Chinese input tool in Ubuntu is: fcitx-libpinyin

Souguo Pinyin is very slow and requires more ram (300mb+).

fcitx-libpinyin is powerful as Souguo but use less resources.

Linux Mint 17 Mate edition is good for old computers

1. Download and install

2. After installing, one can replace the default menu with tradtional Gnome 2 menu bar (A Custom menu bar).

How to make scim work in Ubuntu 9.04/8.10

It is hard to make scim work in English windows; sometimes, it does not work in certain programs (e.g. Openoffice 3).

To solve this problem, one can just install English Language package.

Openbox and Chinese Input

1. Install scim

2. add the following code to your ~/.profile file:

export XIM="scim"
export XINPUT="xim"
export XIM_PROGRAM="scim -d"
export GTK_IM_MODULE=scim

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