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Shortcut key for "Inserting footnote" in libreoffice

In MS Word, there is a default shortcut key to insert footnote "Ctrl+Alt+F"

In Libreoffice 4, there is no default key for that, we need to create one.

To disable Asian Languages support can make your LibreOffice run faster

I have a document with 1400 pages. It is very slow if I select some texts. To solve this problem: Disable Asian Languages in Language Settings under Menu Tools --> Options.

How to get rid of change marks in MS Word

Step 1: From menu click "View", then "Toolbars", then "Reviewing"

How to input Romanized Pali and Sanskrit (letters with diacritic marks) in 3.2 in Linux and Windows 3.2 comes with two useful features:

  1. Alt keys can be used as shortcut keys.
  2. Open type fonts (otf) support

How to install Openoffice 3 (replace Openoffice 2) in Ubuntu 8.04/8.10

1. download Openoffice3 (Linux DEB) at
2. remove the openoffice 2
sudo apt-get remove openoffice*
3. unzip the downloaded openoffice
4. install the unzipped files

How to input/type Romanized Pali and Sanskrit in Openoffice/LibreOffice

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