Birthday Celebration at Than Hsiang Kindergarten

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Chinese report by Tan Chai Kheng / Photos by Tan Chai Kheng & Khor Chai Foo / English Translation by Miyun

On Tuesday, 14 August, a joint birthday celebration was held at Great Compassion Hall for 38 children from Than Hsiang Kindergarten. The aim was to educate the children that birthday is a remembrance day of mother’s suffering and father’s worry in the hope that they would have filial affections towards their parents.

5 Sangha members including two from Korea attended the celebration. In the beginning, all attendants bowed to the Buddha followed with the chanting of Namo Amitabha and singing of “Than Hsiang Conviction”.Then, a welcoming song was dedicated to the parents present followed with a talk delivered by Venerable Zhen Xin.

During the talk, Venerable Zhen Xin encouraged the children to recite Ten Good Deeds and shared their experiences of helping their parents at home. At the same time, Venerable Zhen Xin explained to the children that the seventh lunar month was regarded the Filial Piety Month in Buddhism rather than being mistakenly believed to be the Ghost Month by many people.

Besides, a series of entertaining programs such as solo singing, recitation of poems, story telling and hand gesture was held. At the end of the celebration, birthday presents were given to the children by the Sangha members. The children hugged their parents and kissed them after receiving the presents.

It was really a warm birthday celebration for the children.

May they be well and blissful! Amituofo!