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Children are given education on the self dependent live with the practice of vegetables growing and living on a quality live under a cleaner and safer environment of re-cycling campaign protecting the natural greeneries being destroyed by the technology and science. Think before you throw – save before you waste – recycle today. One earth one water source, what we discharge is what we drink.

Grow your own vegetables for healthier and happier lifestyle. Practice the vegetables growing following the rules of precepts cultivation. No chemical treatment, no pesticide nor insecticide to obtain a healthier vegetable as a result. Use natural organic materials as fertilizer and no killing of insects whatsoever on the soil. Shower all sentient beings compassionately and full heartedly as they may be our parents in previous life.

As a Buddhists we are encouraged to love all living beings and not to restrict their love only to human beings. We should practice loving kindness towards every living being. The Buddha's advice is that it is not right for us to take away the life of any living being since every living being has the right to exist. Animals also have fear and pain as do human beings. It is wrong to take away their lives. We should not misuse our intelligence and strength to destroy them. Every living being is contributing something to maintain this world. It is unfair for us to deprive their living rights.