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M.B.S.A. International Maha Sanghikadana

7.30am - 10.00am
* Offering of rice in alms bowl
* Pindapatta Alms Round
(Offering of white rice supply by organiser only)

10.00am - 12.30pm
* Speeches
* Offering of Candles Ceremony
* Pali Chanting
* Chanting of “Ullambana Sutra” & Noon Offering
* Sanghikadana
* Dharma Teaching
* Transference of Merits

Methods of Sponsorship
Main Sponsor
Donation per share
Donation in any amount


Wesak Sanghikadana & Lamp-lighting at Four Buddhist Holy Sites (India)

Donation of RM50 or above is entitled to:
1) Offering of 10,000 oil lamps at the Four Buddhist Holy Sites (Lumbini – Buddha’s birth place, Bodhgaya - Buddha’s enlightenment site, Sarnath - Buddha’s initial preaching site and Kushnagar - Buddha’s Parinirvana site). According to Buddha’s teaching: paying reverence to the four holy sites in India will help to accumulate merits and purify negative karma.


Ching Ming Dharma Assembly

Methods of participation:
- Digital Tablet RM50
- Donation in any amount

Remembrance of our departed parents, ancestors, relatives, friends, karmic creditors and all sentient beings.
Names of the departed ones will be displayed on digital tablets.


2015 International Buddhist Film Festival

International Buddhist Film Festival will be held in Penang from 2 October to 4 October at Dewan Sri Phor Tay, level 2, SMJK Phor Tay. This festival is organize by Than Hsiang Temple.


Filial Piety Dharma Assembly

24.08.2015 农历七月十一日
07.30pm Cleansing Ceremony
08.00om Chanting of Amitabha Sutra & Dharma Teaching

25 - 27.08.2015
11.00am Transference of Merits
08.00pm Chanting of Amitabha Sutra & Dharma Teaching

10.30am Ullambana Noon Offering, Transference of Merits
for Lamp-lighting & Penitent Service
08.00pm Chanting of Amitabha Sutra & Dharma Teaching


ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) International Buddhist Conference on “Buddhist Social Work and Education in AEC”

1. To commemorate the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.
2. To strengthen the co-operation among Buddhist scholars in AEC and neighbouring countries and provide a platform for the sharing of academic ideas.
3. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Than Hsiang Buddhist Welfare Association, Malaysia.

Target Group
100 - 120 participants; including Buddhist scholars and staff from academic institutions in AEC and neighbouring countries.



*According to the Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition, Wesak Day (commemorating the birth of the Buddha, his Enlightenment and his final passing into Nirvana) falls on the full moon day of May (3rd May, 2015, or the 15th Day of the Third Month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar this year). The Chinese Buddhists celebrate the birth of the Buddha on the 8th Day of the Fourth Month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar (i.e. 25th May, 2015).


Middle-Length Lam-Rim

Middle-Length Lam-Rim
Tsongkhapa (1357–1419) is a well-known Tibetan religious philosopher. He wrote the brilliant middle-length Lam-rim on the stages of the path to enlightenment at the age of 59, 13 years after he had written the Great Commentary of Lam-rim. This course enables us to grasp the essential points of practice.

Every Saturday 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Bro. Chew: 012-481 5526 Bro. Yeoh: 016-454 5510
Bro. Yuree: 012-4730037 Sis. Janice: 016-4151951
Email: sandalwood.bc@gmail.com