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Bodhi Nite

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Than Hsiang temple in collaboration with Phor Tay High School and several Buddhist oganisations in the Northern Region will be organizing a Bodhi Nite celebration at 7pm in the evening of 17 May 2008 at the Than Hsiang multi-purpose hall. The night will witness the lighting 2552 led candle to commemorate the year of 2552 of the Buddhist calendar . Ven Wei Wu would like to appeal to all Buddhists to join in the celebration of this memorable and joyous occasion . Admission is free and participants are encouraged to join in the lamp lighting blessing ceremony .


Buddha Day Celebration

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Bodhi Nite
Venue:Than Hsiang Temple Multi Purpose Hall
Chanting Ceremony


Official opening of the new vegetarian canteen, organic restaurant and souvenir shop


The official opening ceremony of the new Than Hsiang vegetarian restaurant and souvenir shop is scheduled at 9.30am on 1st of May (Thurs) and Ven. Wei Wu, the abbot of the temple, will conduct the cleansing ceremony.

Than Hsiang temple started its vegetarian canteen in 1992, to promote a healthy and nutritious vegetarian diet. In 1999, with the completion of Than Hsiang multi-storey building, the canteen expanded and it incorporated an air-conditioned restaurant.


IBC Dharmaduta Lecture Tour


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From: Than Hsiang Temple ICT department.

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IBC lecturer and student dharma lecture tour