IBC(Thailand) New Student Intake 2012

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Welcome to International Buddhist College in Thailand!!!

♦ Scenic College Campus ♦ Fully Equipped College ♦ Experienced Lecturers ♦ Rigorous Academic Discipline
♦ Noble Religious Sentiment ♦ Focus on Buddhist Practices ♦ Multiple Learning

Unique Features of International Buddhist College:
1. It is a non-sectarian, multi-traditional and all rounded Buddhist academic and research institution.
2. It is an international institution using Chinese and English as the medium of instruction.
3. It is an institution accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education.
4. It is an educational institution where teachers and students of different cultures and traditions learn and live harmoniously together.
5. It focuses on traditional Buddhist values and practice in everyday life.

2012 IBC Student Recruitment Poster

More Details:(1)Courses Description for M.A. Program (2)Courses Description for B.A. Program(3)E-Learning MA in Buddhist Studies Program(4)Enrollment

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