Three-day Amitabha Recitation Retreat

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Date: 31/5(Thursday)~3/6/2012(Sunday)
Venue: Multi Purpose Hall (the 5th floor of Than Hsiang Temple)
Fee: Donation
1. To put Buddhist study into practice
2. To provide an environment for beginners to learn and practise Amitabha Buddha’s name recitation
3. To propagate the right concepts and methods of Amitabha Buddha’s name recitation
**Closing date: 15/5/2012

The retreat will be led by the Abbot, Venerable Wei Wu.

-Daily Nine-hour Amitabha Buddha's name recitation and observation of Eight Precepts
-Amitabha Buddha's Name recitation, circumambulation, meditation, chanting, prostrations, walking meditation etc
-Discourse on Amitabha Chanting

The retreat is conducted in Mandarin. Please be prepared with your own Hai Ching (black robe). Those without their own Hai Ching may purchase one (to suit your size) from the Buddhist Article Shop at Than Hsiang Temple. This should preferably be done a day ahead of the Cultivation. For any enquiries, please call 04-6414822.

More Information

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