Wesak Sanghikadana & Lamp Lighting at Four Buddhist Holy Sites (India)

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PENANG: In commemoration of the Buddha’s Birthday on the 28th of April, 2012, Than Hsiang Temple is organizing Wesak Sanghikadana & Lamp Lighting at four Buddhist holy sites in India. The holy sites are Lumbini (Buddha's birthplace), Bodhgaya (Buddha's enlightenment site), Sarnath (Buddha's initial preaching site) and Kushnagar (Buddha's Parinirvana site).

Donation of RM50 or above is entitled to:
1) Offering of 10,000 oil lamps at the Four Buddhist Holy Sites as mentioned above. According to Buddha's teaching, paying reverence to the four holy sites in India will help to accumulate merits and purify negative karma.
2) A Sanghikadana is organized for more than 10,000 Sangha members from Sera Monastery, Garden Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Gyuto Tantric School and Gyurme Tantric School and chanting by 10,000 Sangha members.
3) Dedication of names by Sangha representative from Sera-Mey Monastery at the Four Holy Sites.
Proceeds will be donated to International Buddhist College & Dhe-Tsang Monastery Foundation in Szechuan.

For those who are interested, please contact via phone or in person. It is advised that interested participants hand in their names to Than Hsiang Temple before 21st of April. Names submitted after the deadline may miss the dedication by Sangha members.

For your information, participation form can be obtained from Than Hsiang Temple. Each entry is dedicated to an individual or one family only. Names should be written in English for dedication of names by Sangha members. Please make cheque or M.O. Payable to Than Hsiang Temple.

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