Chong Seong - Obituary

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Chong Seong

Mr. Chong Seong first came under the purview of Than Hsiang Welfare Section when Bro. Lee Seew Lim, Sis. Koh Bee Ling, Sis. Neoh Song Imm, Sis. Chai Lian Moy, Sis. Lim Gim Sin, and Bro. Michael Quah paid him a visit on 2 January 1995. Mr. Chong, aged about 90 years, was staying by himself at Gertak Sanggul in an old chicken coop converted into a hut by kind neighbours.

Mr. Chong had come from China a long time back, was single and in spite of his years was still independent; cooking his meals with firewood he looked for in the nearby forest and keeping his hut neat and tidy. He was deaf, so communication to him was by writing in Mandarin as he could read the Chinese characters

Bro. Lee, Sis. Bee Ling and their group found Mr. Chong to be a genuine destitute and proposed to Than Hsiang Welfare Section to provide him with monetary assistance to help him through his twilight years. Mr. Chong was given financial aid of RM70.00 per month by the Government Welfare Department, so Than Hsiang Welfare Section gave him an additional subsidy of RM50.00 per month. A year later, this food subsidy given by Than Hsiang Welfare Section was increased to RM80.00 a month as it was determined Mr. Chong needed a minimum of RM5.00 per day for food.

Another year later, Mr. Chong's legs were too weak to allow him to go to the forest to forage for firewood, so he had to use charcoal to cook his meals. In January 1997, Than Hsiang Welfare Section increased their financial aid to RM100.00 per month to cater for the increased expenditure in buying the charcoal. This was later increased to RM130.00 per month in July 1998.

Since their first visit to Mr. Chong in January 1995, the group of volunteers, especially Sis. Chai Lain Moy and Sis. Koh Bee Ling, had been making regular monthly visits to him. In late 1998, they decided to persuade him to stay at Wan Ching Yuen Centre so that he could be better taken care of as he was at the advanced age of 95 and his shack was without piped water and proper sanitation. Mr. Chong thus came to stay at Wan Ching Yuen on 5 January 1999.

Mr. Chong Seong proved to be a model resident of Wan Ching Yuen Centre. He had few problems, didn't give any and got on well with everyone there. His favourite pastime was to read the Chinese dailies and then tell the stories to the other residents. In spite of his skin cancer, he had no complaints and was just as mobile in his wheelchair. He was both likeable and lovable; hence he was deeply missed when he passed away on 7 February 2006.

Mr. Chong Seong had claimed to be born in1904 instead of 1907 as stated in his National Registration Identity Card. If such were the case and being Chinese, he would have been 103 years of age when he passed away. It can be said he had lived a simple and long life and had found peace and comfort in his last years. May he find his spiritual destination.