21st anniversary of Than Hsiang Metta Clinic

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Hong Yew Chye

Ven. Wei Wu, the abbot of Than Hsiang Temple urged the Metta Free clinic team to organize seminars or public talks on Chinese medical treatment with the aim of educating the public on the importance of taking preventive measures before one falls ill.

He said ,after having established itself for 21 years, the medical team comprised a group of well-experienced and dedicated practitioners engaging in consultation, prescriptions and disseminating medical knowledge and preventive measures via public health talks.

Ven. Wei Wu, who is also the adviser of the Metta clinic, encourages the participation of foreign medical practitioners, particularly Chinese physicians to conduct health talks that will greatly benefit the public.

On Sunday morning, in his opening speech for the 21st anniversary celebration, Shifu
reiterated on the importance of “ prevention over remedial measures”. He hoped that by understanding the various ailments from health talks by qualified and experienced physicians, one would be able to take the necessary precautions.

Bro. Goh, the chairman of the Metta clinic, reported that the organization has extended its medical services from the northern Malayan region to Southern Thailand, providing free medical services for a total of 20,000 patients of various races per year.

He mentioned that the medical and operating expenses were budgeted at RM 30,000 for 2009. With the gloomy economic outlook, the association had collected about RM 15,000 so far. He appeals to all well-wishers and patrons to continue to donate generously to help the medical team to extend their help to the sick and needy.

The Penang YBAM liaison committee chairman hopes that the government, in their quest to create a caring society will extend their assistance and cooperation to the Chinese medical practitioners to achieve the noble objective.