Birthday celebration

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Guan Bao Ying

This year in March ,we celebrate my parents birthday like the years before at our home.The only difference is that my mum's birthday falls on the same date as the monthly birthday celebration of Than Hsiang Temple.It is surely more meaningful and delightful to us all because it has been such an honour to my dad and mum especially my mum.

Today,to our astonishments ,we received the birthday invitation card.Although my dad's birthday falls on the 17th March 2009,we also looking forward to celebrate his birthday together with my mum's because it is more cheerful to have two peoples celebrating this special occasions better than one people,isn't it?This is only my own feelings and opinions. Don't you all agree with me?

So far ,we keep this celebration as a secret from my parents.We want to give them surprises on that special day.Hope to share with you all the photos of our celebration with my parents next time.