Children Camp June 11th - 13th, 2010

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Group photo

This record the 7th years since Pajam Kalyana Mitra Center being establish. Series 7-1 children camp in June consists of 69 childrens with 29 ai xin jie ker plus with the help of over 10 devotees helping in the preparation of food during the three days two nights camp.

The camp are lead by a team of TH Pajam Youth some whom has been growing with the center since day one as students than. Today, it is greatful to see them continuously serving the center, providing assistance in any manner possible to lead and share with the childrens. The group also includes 23 childrens from T-Ratana Orphanage Home.

Venerable Fa Yin
First day registration
Childrens in the main praying hall during lessons
Ai Xin Mama guiding one of the children how to make a dumpling
Gratitude Night
Gratitude Night with Lamp Lighting Ceremony
Transfering of lights represent infinite wisdom and happiness
Childrens learning how to make dumplings
Children planting vegetables
Dinner is serve for everyone including parents on last day of camp