Cleansing Ceremony for Sanshengdian (Three Sages Hall)

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Ven. Wei Wu

Story by Lim Peng Theam / Photos by H.S. Seow

San Sheng Dian (or Three Sages Hall) is the hall displaying statues of Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara (Guan Shi Yin) Bodhisattva and Mahastamaprapta (Da Shi Zhi) Bodhisattva. Besides, it is also a columbarium. In 2004, we started it on the first floor of Three Sages Block, providing open hall and special room niches for the public to donate and put the ashes of their deceased relatives and friends as well as for their own use in future. Later we added more niches on the same floor.

In the middle of 2010, most niches on the first floor were occupied and we decided to extend the columbarium at the ground floor. Therefore, we renovated a new Great Compassion Hall which is brighter and airier than the old one to house our Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

At the end of 2011, the new columbarium at the ground floor was completed. It is new, simple and serene with modern concept. It has open hall niches, special room niches and special niches beneath the Buddha altar. It is open to the public for donation to get the niche for themselves or their relatives and friends. Besides, they are also supporting the temple's welfare and educational activities.

We held a simple chanting and cleansing ceremony for San Sheng Dian at 10 am on 7 March 2012 (15th day in the 2nd month of the lunar calendar) which coincided with the commemoration of the Buddha’s Parinirvana and Magha Puja Day. The abbot, Ven. Wei Wu sprinkled holy water while Sangha members and the laity recited the Great Compassion Dharani and the Heart Sutra. This is to purify this area and benefit all sentient beings so that they can practice the Buddha Dharma here and finally attain Buddhahood.

After the ceremony we performed the Noon Offering ritual at the Main Shrine Hall.