“Guan Yin Medallion Relief Fund” campaign in Penang

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Story by Hong Yew Chai / photos by H.S.Seow

Not only had the recent torrential monsoon rain caused flooding in northern Peninsular Malaysia, our neighboring countries, Thailand and Indonesia respectively were also not spared the onslaught of disaster of flood; volcano eruption and tsunami, resulting in the abrupt dislocation of the inhabitants and untold sufferings.

In response to the urgent need of relief aids for the above disaster victims, Than Hsiang Temple, together with Sunshine Square Sdn. Bhd. and Kwong Wah Jit Poh as co-organisers, launched a “Guan Yin Medallion Relief Fund” campaign on Saturday (13/11/10) at 3pm at Bayan Baru Sunshine Square. The response at the launching was very inspiring as the sales of the medallion were brisk. All proceeds will be channeled towards the disaster relief fund for Kedah and Perlis in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
Similar campaigns were also launched in Perlis, Sungai Petani and Klang Valley to enable more people to participate in this worthy cause of helping the people in distress.

Ven. Wei Wu appealed to the public to donate generously according to their financial ability to support the disaster relief fund. All support will go a long way to rehabilitate the victims besides providing them with hope and warmth during their moment of extreme hardship.

During the launching, the guests were shown slides which provided anguished scenes of the flood in Thailand as well as the volcano and tsunami victims in Indonesia. During the campaign held at Bayan Baru Sunshine Square, we were honored to have the presence of His Excellency, the Consul General of Thailand and his consort; representatives from the Indonesian Consulate; and Mr. Gan Peng Teong and Ms Loo Su Peng, the General Manager and the Advertising and Promotion Manager of Sunshine Square respectively.

Modes of donation are as follows:

Donation items:

A. Purchase of a fine Gold Medallion:
1. ½ ounce Guan Yin Gold Medallion-----RM 4,200.00
2. ¼ ounce Guan Yin Gold Medallion----RM 2,200.00

B. Other methods of donation.
1. 12” Guan Yin Image----RM1000.00
2. Crystal Guan Yin--------RM100.00
3. Donation in any amount.

Donations can be made via:
• Public Bank: Than Hsiang Temple, Account No: 4-4807333-18
• Online payment: www.thanhsiang.org