A Half-day Trip for Than Hsiang Kindergarten (Farlim)

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Story by Teo Beng Guat / photos by H.S.Seow

On 25th June 2011, Than Hsiang Kindergarten (Farlim) organized a half-day trip which was its first outdoor activity. A group of twenty-three children and seven teachers from the Kindergarten paid a visit to Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Temple and the Dharmikarama Burmese Temple located in the Pulau Tikus area.

We started our journey around 8.45 am. The children were very excited and happily singing the “Outing Song” along the way while enjoying the breakfast prepared for them.

The sky was bright and sunny that morning and the traffic was rather smooth. We arrived at Wat Chayamangkalaram, more commonly known as the Reclining Buddha Temple by the locals about 9.20 am. After taking photos at the main gate, we took off our shoes to enter the temple. Everyone stood in front of the huge statue depicting the Buddha’s Parinibbana (complete passing away) and paid respect together. We then began to walk around and had pictures taken at the same time. The children were very inquisitive but showed good discipline when they looked around the main shrine with their teachers.

After that, we proceeded to the Dharmikarama Burmese Temple located just across the road. The children were blessed by venerable Sangha members in the temple. Some foreign tourists even invited our group to take photographs with them in front of the amazing grand statue of the Buddha.

After visiting both temples, we brought the children to the playground in front of the Esplanade. They enjoyed so much playing there that they seemed reluctant to leave.

At noon, we returned safely to Than Hsiang Kindergarten (Farlim). It was a memorable and happy half-day trip for the children and teachers.