Than Hsiang Jing Yuan, Sungai Petani

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Than Hsiang Jing Yuan is set up with a stimulating and holistic environment and also based on the four convictions of Than Hsiang, that is:-

“The Young to Learn;
The Strong and Healthy to Serve;
The Aged and Sick to be Cared For;
The Departed to find Spiritual Destination.”

Tadika Than Hsiang
Tadika Than Hsiang Sungai Petani, was set up in 2006 and is at situated at Bandar Puteri Jaya, a new township of Sungai Petani, Kedah

The kindergarten caters to children from 4 to 6 years of age. The curriculum of Than Hsiang Jing Yuan Kindergarten is base on the guidelines from the Ministry of Education; using the Thematic Approach. Components like Physical Education, Music and Movement; Story-telling; Art & Craft are also integrated in the programme. Than Hsiang Jing Yuan Kindergarten will always continue to review the education system and to update its syllabus for the children’s overall balanced development. And the teachers are always upgrading themselves, too, in their knowledge in teaching skills and methods; in order to render the best to the children.

Also, in the early childhood education in Than Hsiang Jing Yuan kindergarten, the children are not only given a formal education; they also learn the Buddha’s Teachings of the Ten Good Deeds; and to cultivate good moral values and basic living skills.

Senior Residents’ Welfare Home
Besides the kindergarten, there is a senior residents’ welfare home which is run solely based on donations from the generous public. There are presently twelve senior citizens staying at Than Hsiang Jing Yuan, Sungai Petani center. This welfare home is always kept clean and tidy to ensure that the senior residents have a healthy and comfortable living condition. They are served four meals a day-breakfast, lunch, two tea breaks, and dinner.

There are a lot of activities to keep the senior residents occupied, that is, morning and evening chanting of the sutras; weekly dharma talk by Venerable Zhen Xin; gardening; and even karaoke sessions.

Besides that, the senior residents also help to sort out the recycle items according to clothes and handbags; paper and cartons; and cans. This activity is carried out biweekly and they are always happy to assist the staff and volunteer in doing this. Sometimes, the female residents will also help to wash and cut vegetables too, before meals.

To ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle, the senior residents do exercises daily such as “chi gong” led by a voluntary nurse; and physiotherapy such as cycling and pulley.

Metta Free Clinic
The Metta Free Clinic operates in collaboration with the Metta Welfare Association. It has a team of Chinese physicians and volunteer doctors providing the public with free medication and free medical check-ups; twice weekly that is, on Thursday and Sunday, from 2.00pm till 5.00pm.

Chanting Session
The chanting session including dharma talk is held every Friday night, and starts 8.30pm.