Than Hsiang Temple 2009 Plan

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Hong Yew Chye

During the weekly cultivation and Dharma lecture on the February 27th (Thursday) 2009, Shifu Ven. Wei Wu briefed the staff and volunteers on the Plan for 2009.

He began by thanking the staff and volunteers for their services and his appreciation for their dedication for the past years.

However, he highlighted that though individual department’s performance has been strong and good, inter-departmental cooperation need to improve to eliminate “bottle neck” to enhance own growth and growth of organization.

He further reminded everyone to put into practice the teachings of Ven Jin Hui, who emphasized the spirit of courteousness and appreciation as against confrontation and retaliation; generosity and forgiveness vs. pettiness and malice. The negative mindsets are symbolized by the closed-fisted hand gesture while the positive traits are signified by the all-embracing opened-palms gesture.
In line with the plan to enhance inter-departmental cooperation and understanding, Shifu proposed that, for a start, departmental head to take a day off a month to work as a volunteer in another department.

Shifu also report on the major projects and events for 2009 in the various centers and affiliated organizations of Than Hsiang temple.

A. To build a new KL building for the Klang valley activities (to start this year).
B. Ven. Zhen Sing will be the THJY (Than Hsiang Jing Yuan in Sungai Petani) superintendent while Zhen Ru Shi will be the new superintendent of THT.
C. Bro. Chan will play a greater role in THT to relieve monastic sangha from management jobs.
D. 12 units Kutis will be built in IBC, Thailand for retreat and cultivation purposes.
E. E-learning courses will include MA programme in Penang and KL. The programme would be in both English and Chinese medium, conducted by visiting professors. Staffs are encouraged to take up these courses.
F. English language, Ang Qing ban (after school care) and kindy classes would be expanded in the existing and new centers.
G. To work closely with Phor Tay High school to enhance Buddhist features in
certain specific Buddhist courses.
H. Major events:
a. Metta clinic anniversary on Feb. 1st 2009.
b. Wan Chin Yan anniversary on April 26th 2009
c. MBSA AGM and Mahasanghikadana on Oct. 3rd 2009.
d. IBC convocation on Aug. 1st 2009
e. IBC Tree-Planting Ceremony in Dec. 2009.