International Buddhist College (IBC) Flood Relief Work

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Story by Hong Yew Chai

The flooding in Korat province had resulted in the local habitants facing water shortage and electricity disruption. Despite being badly hit by the flood, the college, led by Ven. Zhen Chan wasted no time in distributing relief supplies and disbursing cash tokens to the victims.

Ven Zhen Chan highlighted that in time of distress, rather than considering ourselves as victims, one should not hesitate to lend a helping hand. We must not drown ourselves in self pity but to serve in accordance with Than Hsiang‘s convictions, he added. He also disseminated the message of Ven Wei Wu that we must help others unconditionally, without expecting any return whatsoever. We must instead be thankful to the victims for providing the opportunity for us to serve them during the disaster.

According to an elderly villager, the floor that recently hit Korat was the most serious she had witnessed in the past fifty years. Some low-lying areas were submerged under 7 feet of water while the other regions were flooded with water as high as 5 feet.

It is our sincere hope that the donations in kind and cash would help to alleviate some of the hardship and pain faced by the victims.

Besides the disbursement of cash, relief supplies distributed by the IBC included rice and drinking water. Though our IBC volunteers had to trek through muddy roads and tough terrains to distribute the relief supplies from house to house, nevertheless it was most heartening for them to see the smile on the faces of the victims and that they had help to lessen the victims’ grief and sorrow.