Opening Ceremony of Main Shrine Hall at Than Hsiang Jing Yuan, Sungai Petani

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Story by Loh Gaik Wah / Photos by Ah Jin


On November 21 2009, Than Hsiang Jing Yuan held its opening ceremony of its main shrine hall. By 9.00am the Sangha members; VIPs; (among them Yang Berhormat Mr. Tan Joo Long @ Tan Chow Kang AMK BKM, Ali Dewan Undangan Negeri Kawasan Sidam and Dato’ Paduka Beh Heng Seong); and devotees started to arrive.

The ceremony started at 9.30am and it began with the playing of the Triple Gem hymn. Then Venerable Wei Wu was invited to give a speech. In his speech, Venerable Wei Wu said that this branch of Than Hsiang Buddhist Temple in Penang is set up to serve Buddhist devotees in Kedah. Than Hsiang Jing Yuan is set up with a stimulating and holistic environment and also based on the four convictions of Than Hsiang, that is:-

“The Young to Learn;
The Strong and Healthy to Serve;
The Aged and Sick to be Cared For;
The Departed to find Spiritual Destination.”

As such, there a kindergarten; a senior citizen's home; and a Metta free medical clinic.

Venerable Wei Wu also noted that Buddhism has edification on the Western countries.

YB Mr. Tan was next invited to present a speech and in his speech, YB Mr. Tan said he was impressed with International Buddhist College and praised Venerable Wei Wu on it. He said that the International Buddhist College in Thailand, benefits a lot of people who wants to study Buddhism; not only in South East Asia, but the Western countries too.

Dato’ Beh also presented a speech whereby he complimented Ven Wei Wu’s effort and spirit (精神) in propagating the Buddha’s teachings to the housing estates.

After that, Venerable Boon Keng of Ang Hock See Temple, Penang; was also invited to give a speech. In his speech, Venerable Boon Keng advised the people to practice the dharma and mindfulness in their daily lives.

The main shrine hall was opened officially declared open by Venerable Boon Keng who unveiled the plague and performing the consecration ceremony.
This was followed by the ten offerings and then the ceremony ended with chanting session.
Then the sangha members and distinguished guests were invited to tour the kindergarten, senior citizen’s home and Metta Free Clinic. After that, they were invited to a vegetarian buffet lunch. All the devotees too were invited to the buffet lunch where there were a lot of varieties including Nyonya kuih and cakes.