Ordination Ceremony of Venerable Zhi Bang

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Loh Gaik Wah

The ceremony of ordaining Bro. Chung Ming Pong was held at Than Hsiang Temple on November 5, 2009 which coincided with the 19th day of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

The ceremony which was held at the Main Shrine Hall, was conducted by the Abbot, Venerable Wei Wu and assisted by Venerable Zhen Ru. It started with the chanting of suttas at 9:30am. After that, Bro. Chung besought Venerable Wei Wu to transmit the ten precepts to him. Venerable Wei Wu first explained the significance of renunciation to Bro. Chung and then led in the confessions. Venerable Wei Wu performed the ceremony of shaving Bro. Chung’s head to mark his ordination as a novice monk of the Mahayana Tradition. Bro. Chung then donned the robes (Man Yi) and paid respect to Venerable Wei Wu. From now on Bro. Chung will be known as Venerable Zhi Bang.

The ordination ceremony ended with a puja service followed by the group photograph session.