Fo San Sharing (2)

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By Huang Ren Jie

Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo!

To begin with, I wasn't even sure if I would be accepted into the program. However, after waiting for more than three weeks, I finally received a letter from the temple. It was joyous indeed to learn that I had been accepted for this program. My parents were indeed pleased to hear the good news.

On 18 August 2007 , I came in early at about 12.30pm . I took my lunch and waited at the Buddhist Article Shop. Some how, I was afraid to register, so I called my parents and expressed my fear to them. The feelings were mixed with fear and anxiety, but my dad told me to be calm as there is nothing to fear in the presence of the Buddha. I took courage from that and finally registered myself.

After hours of chanting, walking and resting, I nearly gave up on the first day. I thought to myself that participating in this retreat was a mistake, but I ignored that feeling and spoke to my “Buddha heart”. That gave me great motivation to proceed till all three days were completed and maybe ask for more.

There were times during the chanting sessions that the monks and nuns could be seen to be at peace and the participants were all in unison. Such a scene is beyond words. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas rejoice above! There were times I cried silently, not because of sadness, but of ultimate happiness! It's unfortunate that it only lasted three days. I will definitely participate in the next retreat.

I would like to thank Master Wei Wu, Master Zheng Chan for their wonderful Dharma that enlightened me so much. Also to the bhikshunis for spending their time reciting the Buddha-name with me, chant with me and pray with me. I thank the staff for providing me with such a clean and purifying breakfast and lunch throughout the three days. I also thank the temple for giving me this spiritual uplifting experience that changed my perspective in life. Finally, I thank all Buddhas, Mahasattvas, Bodhisattvas, Dewas and arahants for protecting me and giving me strength throughout the entire session.

Thank you. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!