IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Assaji (Venerable Karuna Priya)

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Assaji (Venerable Karuna Priya)

My tour in Malaysia has widened my outlook of religious, cultural, social, economical, materialistic, and spiritual aspects of life. I feel wonderful to be part of the tour.

First of all, Than Hsiang has done a great thing to plan such an intelligent tour. This has popularised the activities of Than Hsiang itself and also IBC. People were really delighted to meet us and look at what we had to offer.

Secondly, it is my own personal experience that I have built up regarding speaking in public and facing different audiences.

Lastly, the most interesting part is to have the opportunity to appreciate the Pure Land School of Mahayana Buddhism. This popular tradition is a really great system in Buddhism where just simply reciting Amituofo again and again, people can benefit enormously. I couldn't help being easily adaptable myself and that was something that has suited my psychology.

I am grateful to Venerable Wei Wu, all the staff, our tour leader, driver, and all the assistance to make this tour possible and successful.

We were able to join in an inter-religious praying ceremony where I saw people in Malaysia could accept each other and able to appreciate others, for which I am so happy. We have also seen many temples and this is wonderful in a Muslim country. People are doing great things for family, society and their religions in a peaceful manner.

I have used in my Dhamma teachings, examples related to them and whoever understood was really happy and appreciative. So this is a successful tour from a student perspective and I thank Venerable Wei Wu and everyone concerned for making it happen. I am glad and I feel most of us are feeling wonderful.

Xie xie.