IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Brother Khoo

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Brother Khoo

Most of all, I would like to thank Shifu, Venerable Wei Wu, for giving us this opportunity to have this Dhamma tour in Malaysia for the staff and students of IBC.

Our Group 4 went on smoothly. We started in Seremban. We had Venerable Zhen Yuan and Sister Chu with us. They both knew the place well so there was no problem in finding the Malaysian Buddhist Association Negeri Sembilan Branch in Seremban. We were lucky to meet Venerable Li Jian and she helped to organise our Dharma talk. The talk went on well but it was delayed. Luckily, the audience was very patient and waited for the talk to begin. Venerable Chong Shan and Venerable Assaji gave the Dharma talks (in Mandarin and English respectively). About sixty people attended the talks. Later, we paid a visit to Venerable Chi Huang.

Our next place of visit was the Sitiawan Buddhist Association in Sitiawan. We travelled for about three and a half hours and all of us were very cooperative and able to work as a team. We were warmly received by the group in Sitiawan. The talk was a good one and about one hundred and fifty people attended. Our elderly Bro. Tan was kind and warm. He took us out for lunch, supper and a tour of Pangkor Island. He also donated a VCD duplicating machine and printer to IBC. Amituofo!

Our third stop was the Taiping Buddhist Association in Taiping. Again we were warmly received. Besides visiting the beautiful and calm Lake of Taiping, we visited the Theravada Sasanarakkha Hermitage. It was a nice and good place for a retreat. The talk in Taiping was good and about sixty people attended the talk. Ms. Jiang Li Ping, Venerable Chong Shan and Venerable Gao Kung gave a good talk.

In summary, our Group 4 went on smoothly as the students and I were able to cooperate and work together. We did have some minor problems in arranging the speakers, but finally we were able to drop our differences and gave our best effort in doing the Dharma tour.

Many people supported IBC and Than Hsiang. We sold a number of gold medallions and received some donations. Thanks to all who had made this Dharma tour a successful one.

Suggestions for improvement:

• The time was too short to arrange for the preparation of the Dharma talk.
• Having a trial talk first would be helpful.
• The road maps of the towns visited were inadequate and more info was needed.
• Setting up the video and audio equipment needs to be shown first.

Thank you Venerable Wei Wu and all who made this Dharma tour come true!