IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Dechen Angmo (Pami) - My adventurous tour in Malaysia

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Dechen Angmo (Pami)

On 23 rd February 2006, we left Thailand for Malaysia. Before coming here, I was wondering why Venerable Wei Wu was spending lots of money on a tour, but now I know why. I am really happy to join in all the Dharma talks and meeting with all the Buddhist associations. It's like we Buddhists are members of one big family and we went to meet our brothers and sisters to share in our happiness.

I was in Group 6 with Venerable Dr. Dhammanandi, Venerable Ratna Kirty, Venerable Riton, Venerable Dipananda, Venerable Chuan Jue, Venerable Yuen Siew, Ms Guat Kee, Mr. Chu, and Ms Mei Xin. Our first destination was the Kluang Buddhist Association. They took us to a Dragon fruit garden and to the temples Phuchao and Zhichu. The next day, we prepared for the Dhamma talk and at 7.30pm we started with the video presentation. There were around 50 people in the audience and all were speaking in Mandarin. The response was very good and they asked twelve questions. All the questions were regarding International Buddhist College.

Then on 28 th February 2006, we left Kluang and started on the journey to Muar. In Muar we visited one good friend of Venerable Wei Wu by the name of Venerable Zhen Ching of Ching Ye Temple. The temple was founded in 1946 by the most Venerable Ding Khuang. Venerable Zhen Ching is now 80 years old and he is really very kind and generous. He talked in Chinese, but for the first time in my life, I enjoyed a talk which I didn't understand and I think not only me, but others too. He gave us so many things and as a lay person I felt very shy to receive all the gifts. Anyway, we had a very nice time with him.

Then we visited one famous beach and on the next day on 1 st March 2006, we visited one mountain, 64 th highest in Malaysia. We took our lunch there and then we came back to the Muar Buddhist Lodge. In Muar our function started at the same time of 7.30pm and there were 45 people in the audience. Most of them were old so not many questions, only three, were asked. They donated some money to IBC and we also got many things like two boxes of mineral water, chips and lots of fruits.

Then on 2 nd March 2006, we started on our journey to Alor Setar. We reached there at 6.30pm and straight away we prepared for the function. There was an audience of 100 people, but not many questions were asked. We stayed at a hotel and the next day we left for Sungai Patani. In Sungai Patani I stayed only for one hour and then we came to Penang and I went to sleep. On the next day, we went sight-seeing. Malaysia is a very nice place. My thanks to Venerable Wei Wu and members of Than Hsiang Temple. I am also very thankful to Ms. Mei Xin for her kindness. She really treated us well.

Lastly, my thanks to everybody.

Amituofo! Amituofo! Amituofo!