IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Ooi Chooi Seng

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Ooi Chooi Seng

In my personal opinion:

• A study tour like this is useful and beneficial to the lecturers and students of IBC.

• It is also very good for the staff and volunteers of Than Hsiang.

• Maybe it would be better if we do not cover such a large area of the country, as some of the staff and volunteers have not even visited the Buddhist institutions of these states themselves. Covering less area will give an opportunity to focus and have a series of talks instead of just one talk at one location.

• Talks can be planned in advance with subject and a short write-up given in advance. The talks should be like a forum, with lecturers and students talking on the same related main topic but in different areas of it.

• Having Chinese and English talks at different sessions seems to be a very good idea and this had benefited the public who had invested much time and effort to come to the assembly. I feel the contents of the talks should be deeper and more directed to the Dharma.

• In study tours of other colleges, e.g. Teachers' Colleges, students make a small survey to gather data and are given fixed assignments where they have something to gather during the tour. Maybe we can look at this idea for our next tour.

• Finally, I feel that a tour like this is very good as it brings the students closer together and they can meet the Than Hsiang family at the home ground. This gives both sides a chance to learn and gain experience. It should be made into a biannual affair at least or, better yet, an annual affair. It will not be so stressful if they just spend a week or three to four days at just one location.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!