IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Amorjoriya Shanti moy Tongchangya

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Venerable Amorjoriya Shanti moy Tongchangya

This educational trip was organised by Than Hsiang Temple. I am very happy to have a chance in going on this trip. During our trip, we visited many places and we saw many Buddhists trying their best to establish Buddhism in the modern world.

Johor Bahru was a place we visited and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the members of the Johore Buddhist Mission there. The people were very happy to meet with all our group members. Later, we moved to another Buddhist organisation and met a bhikkhu, named Venerable Samana there. We also visited many historical places and the Museum of Johor Bahru. It was big and very close to Singapore. We learnt many things in the museum, like the king, Sultan Ibrahim, used to kill many wild animals.

We also visited many Buddhist temples. The final day we went to another Buddhist organisation. There we could find some similarities with Than Hsiang Temple. They had established the Three Traditions in the temple but they did not have temple bhikkhu. They bring in bhikkhus from outside whenever they need them.

We are very happy they helped us a lot. This trip helped us to study and we learnt a new culture. My sincere gratitude to Bhante, Venerable Wei Wu, and the members of Than Hsiang Temple for giving us the chance to see Malaysia. It was nice.

In our group we had eight members. Our leader was Venerable Buddhavamsa. During our trip, we took part in the Dhamma lecture given by Venerable Buddhavamsa and Mr. Wong.