IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Ananda (Group 1)

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Venerable Ananda

Although many things were like an express train, especially the journey, yet I learnt many important things from this trip and saw many new things. As I only saw and talk with Buddhist people, I got to know that they are very warm and helpful. The love and affection that I got from these people is like the water following its own way.

The Buddhist people are united here and help each other. They are very open to all the traditions of Buddhism. There are many other things I saw and learnt for which I cannot find words to write. In short, I saw a very beautiful country and people with a beautiful heart.

In my last line, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Venerable Wei Wu, to all the Than Hsiang Temple members, to all IBC members and to all the people who helped us to make this trip a memorable one. Last but not least, to our team leader, Venerable Yuan Liu and to our driver, the Chinese doctor for driving and making the trip more enjoyable, and to the sisters who took us to the old folks' home and gave us a nice meaningful lesson.

May All Beings Be Happy.