IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Dr. Dhammanandi

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Venerable Dr. Dhammanandi

First of all, I would like to give my sincere thanks to the most Venerable Wei Wu and the many helpers of Than Hsiang Temple for arranging so well this valuable Dhamma trip.

I am so happy to assemble in Than Hsiang Temple together with all the teachers and students who travelled different places safely.

We were in Group 6 and visited Kluang, Muar and Alor Setar. Wherever we went, we were welcomed by members of the various Buddhist associations.

On every occasion of the Dhamma talk, we had the common questions about IBC:
• What is the qualification required to gain entry into IBC?
• What is the age limit for studying in IBC?
• How much are the fees for studying in IBC?

We answered those questions thus:

• There is no qualification to learn Buddhism, however IBC is recognised by the Thai government, so IBC requires the qualification of a high school certificate.
• There is no limitation of age for learning Buddhism but IBC is not different from any other colleges in requiring different subjects to be taken and passing examinations. Students should have enough energy to follow all the required subjects and to pass examinations.
• Those facing financial difficulty when joining IBC can request for sponsorship from Venerable Wei Wu in Than Hsiang Temple and he or she will definitely get the sponsorship.

We do not know whether the answers were apt or not. Please let us know the correct answers.

Through this Dhamma trip, we were reminded how to behave (for the bhikkhus and bhikkhunis) in public. We should learn Buddhism more sincerely in the doctrines, in cultivating mentality along with meditation and in training ourselves based on the higher morality of the Buddha Dhamma till we are at the level whereby the people can expect to learn from us.

I am proud of all members of Group 6. They cooperated well in every occasion of the Dhamma talk in quite good behavior. I have experienced lots of important way of sharing the Buddha Dhamma. All these experiences are almost beyond description.

Once more, I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Venerable Wei Wu and all helpers in Than Hsiang Temple for arranging this Dhamma trip.