IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Ratna Kirti Chakma

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Venerable Ratna Kirti Chakma

This is my first visit to Malaysia. I am very happy to know about Malaysian people and their cultures and traditions. Whichever place I visited, most of them were Chinese. Therefore, I had difficulty in communicating with them and they also felt difficult when I was face to face with them. Anyhow, I know they were very eager to learn Buddhism.

There are so many kinds of people following several religions in Malaysia. The most important thing is that they are calm and live harmoniously because they are educated and they are following the true way. Therefore, the Malaysian people are very proud of their moral society.

2 nd March in the evening, we went to visit some places in Penang. Unfortunately, our guide took us to a mosque. We met the chief of the mosque and he was happy to see us. He explained about their religion. There is no difference between Buddhist people and Muslim people. We only believe in different religions, so we have to know how to live our lives.

I am very happy that I had learnt a lot of things during the short time of the tour. I understand that I should study hard, learn the true way and how to live our lives. Finally, I am very grateful to you all for providing this trip.

Thank you.