IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Riton Barua

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Venerable Riton Barua

First I would like to pay my respect to the most Venerable Wei Wu, who is our chief bhikkhu and founder of IBC and also Than Hsiang Temple in Malaysia. Actually, in my life I never thought that I would find IBC as a centre for Buddha's teachings. When I came to Thailand for my studies at IBC, I didn't have any idea of the hostel life, so I was very afraid. After staying at IBC for a few days, I learnt so many things like how to give Dhamma talk, how to live a hostel life and how to behave to each other in a college or in a hostel. Today, I can easily say I am very lucky, otherwise how could I have found the most important college, especially for bhikkhus.

I am also grateful to Venerable Wei Wu and all the members of Than Hsiang Temple for giving me the chance to visit Malaysia. I am very happy because of them. I went to many places in Malaysia and I was very glad when I saw their behaviour. Actually, somebody in India told me that Malaysia is a Muslim country and other religions are not accepted. However, when I visited Malaysia, I know that this is totally wrong. Really Malaysia is a beautiful country. I visited some places in Malaysia where the Buddhist people gave us the utmost respect. They were very interested in any talk given by the students and teachers. I think they know how to respect the Triple Gems.

I am very grateful to Venerable Wei Wu, all members of Than Hsiang Temple, all Malaysian Chinese and all other religious people. Lastly, I again pay my respect to the most Venerable Wei Wu.