IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Saddhananda (Group 2)

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Venerable Saddhananda

My group consisting of eight Sangha members had only two Dhamma lectures (interaction programmes) but visited many temples, places, shopping malls, Buddhist organisations, and museums. Some of my memorable, unique and new experiences are as follows:

• The overall economic situation of Malaysia is quite encouraging.

• The phrase ‘Unity in Diversity' is firmly rooted in Malaysian society.

• In terms of Buddhist practice, Buddhists here in Malaysia are more liberal, open-minded, warm, and welcoming than their counterparts in traditional Buddhist countries like Sri Lanka or Thailand

• It was a very first hand experience and surprise to see large temples and Buddhist organisations being run and managed by devout laities and not necessarily by Buddhist bhikkhus or bhikkhunis.

• The chairmen, managers and members of the Buddhist organisations we visited are really cool, warm, friendly, respectful, and caring – a sign to indicate how faithful and devoted they are in the noble teachings of the Buddha.

• There are many more experiences that cannot be possibly expressed in mere words.

A heartfelt message of thanks and gratefulness from a little person like myself. I am really, really, really thankful and grateful firstly to our Shifu/Bhante Venerable Wei Wu for his tireless and selfless sacrifice that he is making in the promotion of Buddhist education, welfare and so on. Secondly, my thanks and great admiration, love and blessings to our Dhamma brothers and sisters and all those people who did a lot in the preparation for our trip to Malaysia. This much is what I can express with these mere words.

May you all live a long and healthy life in accordance with the Dhamma.

Thank you all for everything.

May you all be protected by the mighty power of the Triple Gems.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!