IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Satyajit Barua (Group 1)

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Venerable Satyajit Barua

It is great to have such an opportunity to visit and share experiences in Malaysia. I like to mention a few things:

• To see the Buddhist life-style here in Malaysia is excellent.

• All people, supporters and organisers were so kind and helpful to us.

• If I consider this tour just as a visiting tour, it is also excellent.

• Our main purpose was Dhamma tour. I think we had tried our best in what we do and were able to communicate nicely with the people and get a lot of good response.

• My personal true experience during this time is that we, the students, need a lot of guidance, sharing and practical training with a proper teacher on how to face the audience, how to be a good speaker, and how to do a proper presentation. In this area we are not well trained.

• It is not my compliant as many of my Theravada bhikkhus also said that we should have at least some drinks at night.

• We saw many well organised organisations run and controlled by lay followers. It was a good experience.

• I beg forgiveness if I do any mistake this time.

I am grateful to everybody.