IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Seewali (Leader of Group 2)

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Venerable Seewali

We started our journey from Kuala Lumpur and went to the East Coast. Two days we stayed at Pahang Buddhist Association in Kuantan. They welcomed us very warmly. I preached a Dhamma sermon there in English. It was translated into the Chinese language by Venerable Dr. Yuan Liu.

28 February, we left the place in the morning and went to the Terengganu Buddhist Association in Kuala Terengganu. In the evening we participated in some activities. I preached the Dhamma in English and Venerable Dao Qing and Venerable Samadhi preached in the Chinese language.

1 March we went to Kota Bahru to the Kelantan Buddhist Association. 2 March we went to Beng Siew Sean Seah in Sungai Petani. After my Dhamma talk there, we headed for Penang. Our Dhamma mission trip was successful. Everybody did his duty. They performed religious activities very well. Their unity is admirable.

Everybody helped us in many ways. Mr. Chan Peng Kan (the driver) was very kind to everybody. This is the first time, but it will be very successful in the future.