IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Tian Wen

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Venerable Tian Wen

The Dharma Lecture Tour was a good learning experience for all students, teachers, staff, and those involved directly or indirectly. On the whole, the Tour was well organised given the limitations due to time constraints in preparing and executing the event. In particular, the students, who had just finished their examinations, was put to another test in delivering their speeches to the public. I suppose such exposure and learning opportunities should be continued so as to improve their skills and develope a better speaker of the Buddha Dharma. There is no doubt the Tour provides the donors and public an update of the progress of IBC. Most importantly, it introduces the institution's objectives and future plans.

Suggestions for future Dharma Lecture Tour

• Students involvement and participation in planning, preparing and executing the event so as to groom them in initiating and managing such tasks.

Equipment, especially the audio-visual materials should be prepared in advance, such as mini-stereo