IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Vijayananda

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Venerable Vijayananda

I am a member of Group 5. We started our group tour on 27 February 2006. Our group consisted of eight members. The group leader was Venerable Buddhavamsa. On the first day, we started from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, which is south of Malaysia and very near to Singapore. In Johor Bahru there were some people, who were members of the Johore Buddhist Mission, waiting for us. After receiving us, they took us to their main office and served us with drinks. In the evening, we started to interact with these people in a Dhamma discussion. The people also shared their activities with us.

We also visited many places like Batu Pahat, Teluk Intan and many meditation centres. After having this tour, I learnt and saw some things, which are mentioned below:

• In a non-Buddhist country, how the people set up the great Buddhist environment.

• How, through the practice of the Buddha's teachings, the people enjoy their social life.

• How, through applying the Buddha Dhamma, a child can make his life.

• How the Buddhist associations serve the society.

• From the Than Hsiang Temple, I saw how the temple is giving a great service for all beings in order to achieve the ultimate goal by practicing the Buddha Dhamma. Especially, I observed that Than Hsiang Temple is a place where we can see people of all ages, from children to the aged.

Practically seeing or having all these experiences, I hope it will draw for me a good way to carry on with my life in the right way.

In here, I very sincerely wish to express my deep gratitude to Bhante Venerable Wei Wu because without Bhante Venerable Wei Wu, it would be impossible for me to have all these experiences.