IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Venerable Yuan Liu (Leader of Group 1)

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Venerable Yuan Liu

It is a very good opportunity for both teachers and students to come to Malaysia to see the Buddhist situation here. The more important thing is that through this tour, we learn our shortcomings, especially those of Dharma talks. In IBC, we only learn some theories, but hardly use them in practice. This is the area that both our teachers and students need to improve on.

The aim of the Dharma tour is to introduce IBC to Malaysian people as well as to express our gratitude to our supporters. I think we have succeeded in this. As for promoting the Dharma, I think another trip may be arranged especially for this purpose. For this, we may arrange it in a different way, say, for instance, we do not need to go everywhere. Instead, we may choose a few bigger centres, we may also choose only a few good speakers and they can stay at one place for a longer period of time for a chosen topic.

As for the Chinese programme, I think we lack the chanting skills, which need to be further improved on.

For our group (Group 1), we have a very good driver (Goh Kuok Chang). He is not just a driver but also a very important person without whom there would not be a smooth and successful contact and interaction with the different Buddhist organisations. Generally speaking, I think the students in this group have cooperated well to ensure the smooth and successful run of each Dharma talk. They have also behaved well to uphold the good image of IBC. I am grateful for their cooperation. If there is any shortcoming, it should be I who should be held accountable, due to either my own inability or unawareness.