IBC Lecture Tour Sharing by Yeoh Tze How

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Yeoh Tze How

I started my journey to Than Hsiang Temple on 23 February 2006, a day after our semester examinations ended. We were the first group to leave IBC for Than Hsiang Temple. After spending one night in Penang, we travelled to Kuala Lumpur and I was one of the drivers. We spent three days and two nights in the Country Heights Resort in Kajang. It is a retirement home run by Than Hsiang Temple. I wonder how many branches Than Hsiang Temple has because everywhere we go, there will be a Than Hsiang branch.

As a Malaysian myself, I was very glad to introduce the Malaysian staff to our foreign students. It was a very interesting experience. The foreign students, especially the Bangladeshis and the Indians, felt at home because we could get Indian food for them. Sometimes we talked about the Malay language and they were confused about what is ‘Selamat datang' and ‘Selamat jalan'.

Our tour guide, Venerable Zhen Yuan arranged a lot of side activities other than the main activities. We visited an organic farm and brought back some vegetables to cook in the Pajam Centre. I was one of the cooks.

The bad thing was, in our first presentation, we had a problem with the video presentation. Everything was in a mess. The video presentation kept on repeating for five times.

After spending two days in Seremban with our group, I went back earlier to Taiping to visit my mother because she was not feeling very well. I joined another group to go to Sungai Petani on 2 March 2006. We visited Bujang Valley. The next day, we had a full day programme in Beng Siew Sean Seah. It was a very tiring day! The last two days of the tour, we all got together in Than Hsiang Temple. Tomorrow (6 March 2006) we have to start a new semester. It was indeed a very tiring tour, but we all enjoyed it very much.