Lion Dance in Wan Ching Yuen Centre

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In the morning of 4 February 2006, Wan Ching Yuen Centre resonated with the loud drumbeats and clashing of cymbals that heralded the beginnings of a lion dance. A pair of lions danced their way to the statue of Amitabha Buddha and paid their respects before dancing in front of the residents of Wan Ching Yuen.

This lion dance troupe was part of forty students from Phor Tay High School led by their teachers Ms. Cheah Gaik Im and Ms. Goh Lean See. Following the lion dance, talented students of the school played three different types of classical Chinese musical instruments. They were the two-stringed fiddle, Erhu ( 二 胡 ), the four-stringed lute, Pipa ( 琵 琶 ) and the Chinese guitar, Zhong ruan ( 中 阮 ).

The students then sang some popular Chinese New Year songs. Some of the residents joined in the fun and rendered some songs too. Later, a three student team demonstrated their skills in the Chinese Yoyo, Tzuh-ling ( 扯 鈴 ). They thrilled the crowd with the many tricks they pulled with the Tzuh-ling.
After entertaining the residents, the students distributed ‘ ang-pows ' , mandarin oranges and snack packs to all the residents. It was without a doubt that the students of Phor Tay High School had brought cheer and joy to the residents of Wan Ching Yuen Centre.