Message from the bottom of my heart…

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By Foo Kok Keong

It is hard to obtain an optimum human life,
It is even harder to have the opportunity to listen to the Dhamma.
It is hard to find the “right path”,
It is even harder to walk the path of the Buddha.

It is easy to build a relationship, but it is not easy to maintain it.
It is easy to build a house, but it is not easy to build a home.

This is why I always appreciate the opportunity to learn the Dhamma. This is also why I appreciate the presence of Kalyana Mitra Home. It is very rare in one's journey in life to live in a place full of the blessings of the Triple Gem – the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. I am glad to say, “I am one of the very few!”

I had lived in Kalyana Mitra Home for about 3 years during my university life. There are boundless sweet memories inside the Home; memories that are very hard to describe in words. We learned to practice the Dhamma in and throughout our daily lives, from taking care of the house to weekly chanting. We learned to share and care as a family. We also learned to stand up after we fall. We did not stray away from the cultivation of the Dhamma as we have the Sangha members, good Dhamma seniors and spiritual friends, to guide us.

It is important to cultivate the “Six Principles of Harmony” to maintain the atmosphere of a Buddhist House and a Sangha community. Kalyana Mitra Home is also an initial step towards the development of a Buddhist Family. I am sure that the Kalyana Mitra Home will bring countless benefits to everyone. I strongly support the concept of a Buddhist House for the future development of Buddhism. Hopefully, more and more people would have this blessing to stay and learn under the roof of Dhamma.

Thanks again to Than Hsiang for creating this opportunity for us to grow in. And thanks to all the cause and conditions that enable us to learn the Dhamma.

May the seeds of Dhamma continue to spread.

May the seeds grow as big trees and produce more seeds for the future.

May the blessings of the Triple Gems be upon you and your family.